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Technical Services

1. Pre-sales technical services

The company has a maintenance service center, and the engineers of the technical center are responsible for free technical services in the user's pre-sales service.

These include:

1) User technical consultation;

2) Assist users to determine the type, process and price of parts

3. In the early stage of proposing the design plan, the principle of being willing to implement the early business contact with the user, and to start serving the user under the corresponding contract. We will provide users with a complete design process, and accept the test and acceptance of users and related aspects.

2. After-sales service

1) Our company implements a 7-day three-guarantee service for the products sold. During the three-guarantee period of acceptance, if there is a product quality problem, the company will repair, replace or return it. For problems caused by other reasons, the company will help customers solve problems, ensure that products are put into production in time, and reduce accident losses to a low level.

2) Adhere to the principle of quality first and customer first, listen to the calls of users at any time, and our company guarantees that any quality problems will be answered within the first time.

3) The company is responsible for free maintenance for quality problems within the scope of maintenance, and provides technical support and maintenance to customers after receiving calls from customers.

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