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The role and status of industrial molds
Release date:2022-04-01

Molds are the basic process equipment for industrial production. In electronics, automobiles, motors, electrical appliances, instruments, home appliances and communications, 60% to 80% of the components are formed by molds, and the quality of molds determines the quality of products. , All industrial products rely on molds to achieve large-scale production and rapid expansion. Therefore, the mold industry is known as the "mother of all industries", and is praised as "magnetic industry" by developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

The mold industry is also the "benefit amplifier" of Yuan and unrivaled. The value of the final product produced by the mold is often dozens or hundreds of times the value of the mold itself. Processing products with molds greatly improves production efficiency, and also has the characteristics of saving raw materials, reducing energy consumption and costs, and maintaining high consistency of products. According to foreign statistics, the proportion of the mold industry that can drive its related industries is about 1:100.

The modern mold industry is a technology- and capital-intensive industry. As an important production equipment industry, it not only serves the general industry, but also directly serves the high-tech industry. Due to the use of a series of high and new technologies in mold production, such as CAD/CAE/CAM/CAPP and other technologies, computer network technology, laser technology, reverse engineering and concurrent engineering, rapid prototyping technology and agile manufacturing technology, high-speed machining and ultra-finishing technology, etc. Therefore, the mold industry has become an important part of the high-tech industry. Some people say that the modern mold industry is a process-intensive industry under the background of high technology. The level of mold technology, to a large extent, determines the quality, efficiency and development capabilities of new products. Therefore, the level of mold production technology has become an important symbol to measure the level of a country's science and technology and product manufacturing. It determines the quality, efficiency, and development capabilities of new products to a large extent, and determines the quality of a country's manufacturing industry. *Competitiveness.

The technical level of my country's mold industry has also made great progress in recent years. The production of large, precise, complex, efficient and long-life molds has reached a new level. Large and complex punching dies are represented by automobile panel molds, which have been able to produce panel molds for some new cars. The coverage of multi-station progressive dies that reflect high-level manufacturing technology has expanded from motor and electrical core sheet dies to connectors, electron gun parts, air conditioner heat sinks and other home appliance parts dies. In terms of large-scale plastic molds, it has been able to produce plastic shell molds for 48in TVs, a complete set of plastic molds for 6.5kg large-capacity washing machines, and molds for automobile bumpers and integral instrument panels. In terms of precision plastic molds, it has been able to produce camera plastic molds, multi-cavity small-module gear molds and plastic sealing molds. In terms of large, precise and complex die-casting molds, it has been able to produce die-casting molds for integral pedals of escalators and die-casting molds for automobile rear axle gearboxes. Other types of molds, such as radial tire flexible molds, aluminum alloy and plastic door and window profile extrusion molds, have also reached a high level and can replace imported molds. In 2005, my country's mold sales reached 61 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 25%. It is understood that the structure of my country's mold products has become more reasonable, and the share of large, precise, complex and long-life molds with high-tech content has increased from 20% to 30%. At the same time, the equipment level of some mold enterprises has been continuously improved, the technical level has been continuously improved, and the production capacity has been continuously strengthened, and the mold industry has shown a rapid development trend.

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