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What are the advantages of CNC precision parts processing
Release date:2022-04-01

In the machining industry, machining accuracy often determines the quality of machined parts to a large extent, and CNC precision parts machining itself is a highly demanding machining method, which can achieve better results than traditional machining methods. Many other processing methods do not have the advantages, so what are the advantages of CNC precision parts processing? Below I will give you a brief introduction:

1. Multi-axis control linkage: In general, three-axis linkage uses more Z, but after some adjustments, it can be a four-axis, five-axis, seven-axis or even more linkage axis machining center.

2. Parallel connection of machine tools: The functions of common machining centers are also relatively fixed, which can combine machining centers and turning centers, or vertical and horizontal machining centers, which can increase the processing scale and processing capacity of the machining center.

3. Early warning of tool breakage: Using some technical detection methods, the wear and damage of the tool can be detected in time, and an alarm can be issued, so that the tool can be replaced in time to ensure the processing quality of the parts. Precision parts

4. Service life management of tools: It is possible to manage multiple tools working together and multiple blades on the same tool in a consistent manner to improve production efficiency.

5. Machine tool overload and power-off protection: According to the maximum load level set according to the load in the production process, when the load reaches the set value, the machine tool can automatically power off and shut down, so as to implement the protection effect on the machine tool. Precision connecting machine

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